After interviewing more than 10 volunteers, I came up with some ideas about the realistic application of AV. To see what will people think about AV and whether it's bad or good. But the result amazingly surprised me, there are 7 negative on 10 in total. I again, carefully think about what is the main … Continue reading Social


According to the test I took, there are 5 major traits that will show something about me and to help people to understand more about me. But beside of it, I also have some veiled traits which will be unveiled right now. EXTRAVERSION I always seek for joy and relax while working, not only me … Continue reading Personality

Law – The Legal Issues involving autonomous vehicles

As we have been working on the Autonomous Vehicle, to know its benefits as well as the disadvantages. But beside of those, we also have one more field to talk about which will strongly get involved in this - the Law. I've been working on my research for a pretty long time and sum up … Continue reading Law – The Legal Issues involving autonomous vehicles

Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles

In order to control the Autonomous Vehicle and its development, Society of Automotive Engineers has defined a standard including 5 level of an Autonomous Vehicle Level of Autonomous Vehicle There are 5 levels from 0 to 5 which are defined by SAE: Human driver monitors the driving environment: Level 0: Driver will drive, as usual. No … Continue reading Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles

Ethical issues of Autonomous Driving Car

The Autonomous Vehicle is steady taking over the market, soon it will put its dominance against the traditional one, thanks to its versatility, usability and the unbelievable benefits from it. But in case, an accident occurred, who is responsible—and pays for damages—when an autonomous vehicle crashes? The sense of urgency to find clear answers to … Continue reading Ethical issues of Autonomous Driving Car

Autonomous Vehicle – The secret behind its Technology

 TECHNOLOGY Due to the complexity of an AV (Autonomous Vehicle), the technology which is applied onto it must ensure a lot of aspects which the car must have to strengthen itself, especially safety. The AV working mechanism mainly focuses on sensors ( Of course many other devices get involved too but sensors are the most … Continue reading Autonomous Vehicle – The secret behind its Technology